Smaller Fried prawn and water chestnut, sweet and sour sauce GF, NF, DF $12

Smoked pork sausage , seared scallop , Thai basil, nahm jim GF, DF $14

Egg custard, crab , XO GF, NF, DF $14

Prawn and chicken dumplings, Sichuan sauce DF, NF $14

Heavenly beef, coriander and pepper crusted air dried beef, Thai Basil DF, NF, GF $14

Fresh and pickled mushrooms, ginger, chilli, toasted rice DF, GF, VEG, V $11


Port Arlington mussels, chilli jam, lemongrass, coriander  DF, NF $22

Salt and pepper silken tofu , chilli, coriander GF, DF, NF, VEG, V $16

Chilli fried squid, Chinese cabbage salad GF, DF, NF $18 Roasted pumpkin, black bean, pickled chilli GF, DF, NF, VEG, V $14

Five spice quail GF, DF, NF $18

Crispy pork belly, coriander, peanuts, spring onion, black sesame GF, DF $19


Whole fried snapper, three flavour sauce, holy basil GF, DF, NF $38

Jungle curry - rabbit, apple eggplant, baby corn, long leaf coriander DF, GF, NF $32

Minced pork and braised eggplant DF, GF, NF $26

Beef Massaman curry, roti DF $31

Pat Thai - rice noodle, smoky eggplant, firm tofu, bok choi, peanuts, Thai basil GF, DF $25

Hainanese poached chicken and rice, yellow bean and ginger sauce GF, DF, NF $29


Stir fried greens, fermented red bean DF, NF, VEG, V $9

Bean shoot salad GF, DF, VEG, V $9

Crisp vegetable and steamed egg GF, DF, NF, VEG $9

Steamed rice


Tapioca pudding, pandan, blueberries, passion fruit, kaffir lime GF, DF, NF, V $12

Banana Fritter, toasted rice, shredded coconut, sweetened coconut cream DF, NF $12